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  • Farm-to-Market Solar Energy for residents with LocalSun – sign up for a month-to-month solar rate! Learn More


In describing our experience in ERCOT, we would point first to the bios and backgrounds of the MP2 Management Team who leverage years of experience in the entire market from Generation development, wholesale power trading, wholesale plant operations, risk management, retail operations, and retail sales and marketing. MP2’s primary Retail power focus is on continuing to build our commercial and industrial business and our Public entity business. We have a long history and experience serving public entities such as MUD Districts, Cities, Counties, and ISD’s. At MP2 Energy, Client Service is truly one of our absolute top priorities and we know that short term gains are wiped out if you can’t deliver on expectations. We can confidently say that we deliver absolute best-in-class client service across the board.

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Electricity Provider in Texas


  • Fixed Price full swing
  • Heat Rate (natural gas indexed power)
  • LMP (Index)
  • Hybrid (Fixed/Index Combinations)
  • Wholesale Blocks
  • Retail + Demand Response Integrated products
  • Long term retail products (10 years and beyond)

Understanding ERCOT

MP2 has a reputation for creating custom designed risk products for Clients based on their specific assets, optionality, or DR capabilities. Contact us to brainstorm ideas.

GRID Portal

MP2 builds out custom portals for clients needing to consolidate real time energy consumption data, and layering that over actual power hedges to monitor and track actual long/short positions in the market which enables clients to actively and optimally manage load, demand response, and even generation capabilities.
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How Retail works with Demand Response

Demand Response (DR) and Retail Supply are directly related and should be integrated services with your suppliers. When you curtail load for a DR event, the retail power your Supplier has procured for you is not being consumed, and therefore liquidated into the realtime spot market, which can generate substantial value. Procuring DR with your retail supply assures that these two pieces work together, and that the incremental value created goes to you and not just to your retail supplier.
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How Retail works with Generation Management

Let MP2 show you how to coordinate your Generation into DR programs to generate revenue, and to structure a retail product around this capability.
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Meet the MP2 Team

MP2 stands firmly upon the reputations of our individual team members, not just for knowing the energy markets, but also for doing the right things and standing by our word.

Our Client Philosophy

Our crew consists of genuine, smart people who fully understand the power markets and know how to make our clients happy, because at the end of the day, great service is as simple as effort.

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Have a question that needs an answer? Want to learn more about how MP2 Energy can save you or your business money on energy costs? Contact us today and talk to a real human!