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  • Farm-to-Market Solar Energy for residents with LocalSun – sign up for a month-to-month solar rate! Learn More

Solar Home Systems

Pick the solar bill plan that’s right for you! Read on to learn more about our straightforward, easy Net Metering program, and how it can help maximize your solar investment. To obtain a contract, send a request to residential@mp2energy.com, or call us at 877.238.5343.

About Net Energy Metering

Residential Solar Energy in The Woodlands TX

Net Metering 101

If your solar panels generate electricity you don’t use, this power is exported back to the grid. If you export more power than you use in a given month, this “solar bank” will roll forward to future billing months until the credit can be used or expires. The net energy metering (NEM) program credit in the MP2 program is the value of a) the exported power and b) the “banked” solar power for a given month.

But not all solar net metering programs are equal! Even if another company’s rate looks cheaper at first glance, it’s not the most economical decision if they’re not fairly compensating you for the excess solar you send back to the grid. Read on to learn why Texas solar homeowners trust MP2. Please note: Our program is currently limited to the Oncor and CenterPoint service territories.


MP2 credits the solar power you export at a fixed rate.


Our program offers long-term fixed rate contracts up to 60 months, whereas other programs carry shorter terms or expose you to possible increases in power prices through a variable rate.


MP2 doesn’t cap the amount of exported solar power that we’re willing to credit you each month. Other programs credit you at a fixed rate for only a portion of the power you export, or credit the export at a reduced or variable rate.


MP2 allows you to “bank” and roll forward your exported solar power. If you export more than the total amount of grid energy you consume, this power is “banked,” or rolled over to the next month for you to apply toward your next bill (like cell phone minutes).


I need help completing my enrollment form

Contact MP2 Energy:
Customer Service: (832) 510-1030, Option 3
Toll-free: (877) 238-5343, Option 3

Does my kWh bank continue to roll over forever?

There may be an annual "true-up", depending on your plan. Please reference your customer documents to confirm this. If your system is sized appropriately, there should not be a significant amount - if any - remaining in your bank.

I don’t understand some of the terms on my bill. Help!

Energy Charges -- Any charge, other than a tax or other fee, that is assessed on the basis of your energy consumption.

Meter Number -- Meter number assigned by your TDU (Transmission & Distribution Utility). This number will change if your meter is replaced.

ESI ID -- Electric Service Identifier assigned by your TDU (Oncor, CenterPoint, Texas-New Mexico Power, AEP Central, or AEP North).

Electric Delivery Charges -- Fees assessed by your local TDU.

Adjustments -- Credits for your excess solar generation, or other adjustments to your bill, based upon your contracted billing product.

Taxes -- Sales tax collected by authorized taxing authorities, such as the state, cities and special purpose districts.

Still confused? We can help! E-mail us at residential@mp2energy.com, or call us at 877.238.5343.

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