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MP2’s Simple Retail Supply Solutions

Simple solutions

If you’re in a competitive energy market and you’re…

  • paying too much for electricity,
  • concerned about being at the whims of volatile prices, or
  • tired of “pressing 1 now” when you call looking for assistance...

then it’s time for a change. Retail supply from MP2 Energy is a simple, reliable way to power your business and save money on your energy bills. We are a proven retail provider for commercial and industrial companies and public entities across America.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Problem: high energy costs.
Solution: dump your provider and switch to MP2.

The beauty of retail energy is your ability to capitalize on competition in the energy market. MP2 has direct access to wholesale energy supply from numerous sources (including renewables) and can help you lock in low electricity rates for long-term contract periods.

We handle the costs of securing your electricity and give you one easy-to-read bill. So you can be sure you’re saving money and protecting your business from volatile energy market fluctuations.

Flexible Options

Flexible Options

Fixed-rate, long-term contracts are just one of many customizable options you can take advantage of with MP2 retail supply. Other products include:

LMP Index Pricing

Instead of a fixed rate, you pay the locational marginal price (LMP), the variable market rate for energy, which allows you to curtail or otherwise manage your usage to optimize your savings.

Heat Rate Pricing

For larger companies with higher risk tolerance, heat rate pricing converts monthly natural gas prices to power prices, allowing you to take advantage of falling natural gas prices.

Wholesale Blocks

Businesses with predictable power requirements can save money buying blocks of power wholesale, such as 5 days x 16 hours, or 7 days x 8 hours.

Shaped Blocks

Customize a power plan designed to follow your load “shape,” a representation of your company’s particular energy demands as they ebb and flow throughout the day.


Strike a balance between fixed and indexed prices to hedge against price fluctuations while guaranteeing enough power for your operations.

Contact us, and we’ll tailor a smarter plan to your unique needs.

Firstclass Services

First-Class Service

Friendly, reliable customer service may sound simple enough to come by, but electricity companies have been proving for years that you’re as likely to have problems created as solved by your average energy provider’s call center.

At MP2 Energy, we don’t outsource customer service. When you make a contract with us, you deserve to deal with us--not someone else--when you have an issue or need help. Our customer service team comprises real people armed with the knowledge to answer your questions and the authority to get things done for you. Simple.

Retail Supply Bundled Solutions by MP2

Complex Solutions

MP2 Energy is more than just a provider of retail power. We offer commercial and industrial businesses, government entities, and other non-residential customers unique power products for managing and meeting broader organizational goals.

Whether your company desires to be more sustainable, better protected against risk, more economical with your power spending, or all of the above, we have the answers to the most complex challenges. We’ve done it before, we do it every day, and we can do it for you.

Our Bundled Solutions

on site solar on site


There’s no way to know where your electricity comes from when you get energy from a utility company; it’s likely from traditional sources such as fossil fuels. To rise to the challenge of an ambitious sustainability plan, you have to turn to a retail supplier with an established network of renewable energy generators and installers.

MP2 offers best-in-class on-site and off-site renewable energy solutions that can help your company greenify your operations.

Discover MP2’s renewable energy products

Demand Response Daytime

Demand Response

A few times each year, demand on the power grid threatens to overwhelm the supply. To avoid rolling blackouts, the grid operator pays customers to scale back their usage to relieve the burden on the system.

Demand response (DR) makes a perfect complement to retail supply, as your energy provider is best-suited to help you respond within minutes to an approaching curtailment event. Most energy retailers don’t offer DR programs, and most DR providers don’t have the market knowledge that a retailer like MP2 Energy has.

We can handle the equipment installation, data integration, and other logistics to get you set up for demand response and help you maximize the profits from this additional revenue stream.

Learn more about Demand Response

Battery Storage for Commercial and Industrial

On-Site Generation and Battery Storage

Create a fallback option for your business for times when the grid is down through on-site generation. Whether this means renewables such as solar panels or standby generators, behind-the-meter generation ups your resiliency while giving you additional options during demand response and peak pricing events.

And since you’re already generating power, it only makes sense to capture it. On-site battery storage adds value to solar panel installations and can be used for activities such as electric vehicle charging.

Learn more about Battery Storage

Our Solutions in Action

At MP2, we have an extensive track record of putting our complex solutions to work for both large and small customers across a wide variety of industries. Explore a few examples of how we’ve helped C&I and public sector customers power through their toughest challenges:

Lee Elementary School

Administrators at Lee Elementary School in Coppell, Texas had a goal of having a net-zero campus, one that derived 100% of its energy use from renewable sources. They also wanted to make the energy plan a key part of their sustainability education efforts.

MP2 helped the school reach its goal, making it the first net-zero elementary school in Texas. We assisted with the installation of on-site renewable energy equipment to utilize solar, wind, and geothermal power. We also enrolled them in our demand response program so that they can take an active part in switching to behind-the-meter power in times of high demand on the grid.

Finally, we equipped the school with an energy tracking software system for students to see data on their energy conservation in real time, as well as watch educational videos, study modules, and take quizzes on sustainability.

Lee Elementary

Fort Hood

The 2016 agreement between the U.S. Army and MP2, in partnership with Apex Clean Energy, to make Fort Hood energy efficient was the largest renewable energy project in the history of the military.

Although the Army’s power purchase agreement is with Apex, MP2 served as the Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) responsible for the delivery of both traditional and renewable energy to the 340-square-mile base. We arranged for roughly 15MW to come from 63,000 solar panels spread across 132 acres, with 50 MW of wind-generated power transmitted to the base from Cotton Plains Wind in West Texas.

By minimizing grid usage and transmission charges, the improvements are forecasted to save the U.S. Army nearly $170 million in energy costs over the agreement’s 28-year term. And with direct access to settlement statements and charges, the Office of Energy Initiatives (OEI) is able to track savings as the military seeks to reduce one of its biggest operating costs.

Solar clean energy

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