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SolarCity Announces Houston Market Entry, Touts Partnership With Retail Supplier


SolarCity announced that it is making its solar service available to homeowners in Greater Houston for the first time.

SolarCity said that homeowners can go solar for as little as $40 per month, with design, installation, financing, monitoring and a performance guarantee included.

SolarCity will also provide and install a Nest Thermostat at no additional cost for qualifying customers.

SolarCity touted its previously reported (click here) partnership with MP2 Energy under which customers receive "full" net metering benefits (credited at the "full-retail value" for excess production, including transmission and distribution service charges).

The partnership allows SolarCity customers that use MP2 as their retail electricity provider to receive retail credit against future electricity use for any solar electricity they provide back to the utility grid during the day, SolarCity said

SolarCity said that it also provides battery storage systems to customers that can allow customers to continue to have access to electricity during storm-related power outages.

SolarCity offers loan and lease options, as well as offering the systems for outright purchase