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MP2 Energy Recognized for Customer Satisfaction for Second Straight Year


Industry Association ranks MP2 No. 1 in Overall Satisfaction

HOUSTON (November 7, 2015) – MP2 Energy, a top-tier power company that manages power plants, delivers power to end-use customers and masters all other aspects of the energy market, was recently recognized by the Energy Research Consulting Group (ERCG) for overall satisfaction among retail energy providers (REPs).

MP2 Energy ranked No. 1 out of 43 providers in ERCG’s National ABC Study, with a mean score of 4.25 out of a possible 5. The study is intended for REPs and third-party partners, known as aggregators, brokers and consultants (ABCs). ERCG administered an online survey to ABCs during September and October 2015, and the supplier rankings are based on survey responses from 134 unique ABC firms from across the country. In addition to online surveys, ERCG conducted follow-up telephone interviews with ABCs and suppliers for data validation purposes.

This recognition falls on the heels of an impressive ranking last year, as well. In 2014, MP2 ranked No. 2 in overall satisfaction and No. 1 in ease of doing business among energy retailers across the country.

“We strive to offer customized solutions and the best customer service,” said Jeff Starcher, Chairman and CEO of MP2 Energy. “The power market is complex and we work hard to be innovative in all aspects, including customer service. This award proves that our dedication and hard work are paying off.”

ERCG is a national consulting group that provides advice on investment opportunities in the energy market. The findings illustrate the depth of MP2’s reputation amongst the ABC community.

“The overall top ranking by MP2 Energy is an impressive accomplishment given the large and diverse group of ABCs in the study,” says Young Kim, Principal at ERCG. “The outcome reflects MP2 Energy’s strong commitment to their ABC partners in multiple markets throughout the U.S.”

Founded in 2009, MP2 Energy strives to afford its customers efficient, seamless access to all aspects of the power market. MP2 has experienced significant growth in the last few years primarily because of its unique business model. It manages power plants, provides retail energy to commercial, industrial and residential clients, and also works with those clients to manage and reduce consumption through demand response and distributed generation to hedge clients’ exposure to volatile retail power prices.

About MP2 Energy

MP2 Energy is a full service power company, serving approximately 1,500 MW to commercial and industrial customers in Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The top-tier company integrates capabilities across its core services from plant development, plant management, demand response, and retail electric supply to the end-use customer. The company handles all other aspects of power markets, such as asset management, commodity hedging, solar installation and offtake, wind and distributed generation, and solar retail products for residential customers in Texas.

In 2014, the company was honored with The Energy Professionals Association’s inaugural Supplier of the Year award. MP2 is also a member of the 2014 and 2015 Aggie 100, which honors the world’s fastest-growing companies headed by Texas A&M graduates. For more information, visit

About Energy Research Consulting Group

Energy Research Consulting Group (ERCG) provides business intelligence and consulting services to energy market participants on entry strategies, investment opportunities, and market & policy dynamics. For more information, visit or contact