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MP2 Energy Launches Electric Vehicle Incentive Charging Plan


Shell Subsidiary Offers first of its kind, customized electric vehicle charging plan for Texas

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS, (Feb. 5, 2019) – MP2 Energy, a subsidiary of Shell Energy North America, is launching Texas' first customized, incentive-based charging plan for Texas Electric Vehicle owners. The plan utilizes charging characteristics of Electric Vehicles and provides an incentive through free usage for users during the lowest cost hours of the day. In addition, customers will continue to receive a market competitive rate for all remaining energy needs.

The new MP2 Energy Electric Vehicle incentive plan is 100 percent renewable and enables electric vehicle owners to customize a charging schedule that fits with the plan incentives. Additionally, it fits well with MP2 Energy's larger offering of emerging technology programs, such as solar and storage incentives, and will assist in continued deployment of electric vehicles in Texas, as well as other competitive markets.

“This plan is a must for Texas electric vehicle owners, who will benefit from continued sustainability efforts coupled with cost savings,” said Trey Price, Senior Vice President for MP2 Energy. “This product is custom designed for electric vehicle charging characteristics and offers customers free energy to charge their vehicle at the most optimal time.”

The creation of this cutting-edge product further validates MP2 Energy as a market leader in innovative products for consumers. MP2 Energy has partnered with leading solar installers, energy storage providers and electric vehicle manufacturers to support the state’s emerging technology growth.

The plan is available immediately at or by emailing MP2 Energy customers can also use the mobile-friendly “My Account” to seamlessly manage their account and monitor monthly energy usage.

About MP2 Energy

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