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Earth Day 2016: 5 Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Impact All Year Round

April 22, 2016


mp2 earthday 2016

Earth Day is one of the most recognized holidays in the world, celebrated by more than one billion people every year. Established in 1970, this international event cultivates support for environmental protection and encourages green initiatives and practices all year round. For MP2, that means continually searching for ways to innovate and be better environmental stewards both in our own practice, and to help advance our industry at large.

Energy efficiency and sustainable technology are at the core of our business, and we are one of the leading providers of smart grid solutions. We pride ourselves in helping customers manage their electricity usage and demand, and wanted to shed some light on how we’re helping them decrease their environmental footprint.

Customer Participation in Demand Response
Demand response refers to times when the electricity delivery infrastructure has reached its capacity or electricity prices are at their highest. These events truly only occur only a few times a year, typically for an hour or two. In order to help curtail the amount of use during these periods, MP2 customers are paid to curtail energy consumption during these peak times when there is extreme stress on the grid that could result in blackouts.

On-site Generation
MP2 manages facilities that produce power from several sources, including natural gas, solar, wind and landfill gas. This variation in the in the sources of our power production allows us to reduce our overall impact on the environment due to the diversification of our power sources. We strive to pursue clean forms of energy production, and continue to reduce the impact our business has on the environment.

Green Commercial Supply Programs
MP2 works to accommodate the unique characteristics and value of solar energy when we combine it with our retail supply to meet the demand of our customers. We also buy excess power from our solar sources at the real-time market cost, allowing us to pass along the best price to our customers. For commercial customers wishing to reduce their environmental footprint, we offer consultation regarding installing on-sight solar panels to help meet the electrical needs of your facility.

Green Residential Supply Programs
For our residential customers in Texas, MP2 offers a strong solar generated energy presence. We specialize in products that benefit customers serviced by Oncor and backed by SolarCity, the #1 solar energy provider in the United States. We also offer buy-back programs for all of our solar panel customers where we provide them with a bill credit for any excess solar generation that they didn’t use. All our solar programs offer 100% renewable energy for their portions of usage not covered by solar panels.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
The only drawback to solar energy is that it cannot be collected at night or during other periods of darkness, such as rainstorms. For MP2 customers who have purchased 100% solar power programs, we purchase renewable energy certificates, which offset the use of non-renewable energy sources. In 2015, MP2 procured enough renewable energy certificates to represent the annual power usage of 23,000 residential homes.

We pride ourselves on reducing our impact on the environment, and can help you and your business reduce your carbon footprint as well. For information regarding out green programs, contact Maura Yates at 832-510-1073.