• Farm-to-Market Solar Energy for residents with LocalSun – sign up for a month-to-month solar rate! Learn More
  • Farm-to-Market Solar Energy for residents with LocalSun – sign up for a month-to-month solar rate! Learn More

Considering MP2 and already have solar?

MP2 will help you make the most of your solar investment. We pride ourselves on being the leading innovator of cost-effective solar bill plans for residential customers in Texas. Let us help you understand the benefits and walk you through next steps.

Next Step: Sign Up with MP2

After you’ve signed a contract with an installer to go solar, it’s time to pick a solar retail product from MP2. We offer 24- and 60-month terms. All of our plans credit you for the excess solar power that your home sends to the grid! Explore our residential solar rates and learn about Net Energy Metering here.

Learn how your solar is used and how it gets metered.

Watch our short video to understand how MP2 works with your solar company and transmission & distribution service provider after your solar has been installed and interconnected.


I have a question about going solar with MP2. Am I supposed to contact MP2, my solar installer or my transmission and distribution service provider?
If You Need… MP2 Energy Transmission & Distribution Service Provider Solar Installer
Your solar turned on   X X
To report an outage   X  
Help with your MP2 electricity bill or our net metering program X    
Help with your solar bill     X
Help regarding your solar panels or installation     X
Help completing your customer enrollment form X    
Contact information Customer Service: 832-510-1030 Toll-free: 877-238-5343 residential@mp2energy.com Oncor: (888) 313-4747 CenterPoint: (800) 332-7143 AEP: (877) 373-4858 TNMP: (888) 866-7456 Your Solar Company
I need help completing my enrollment form.

Contact MP2 Energy:
Customer Service: (832) 510-1030, Option 3
Toll-free: (877) 238-5343, Option 3

Can you switch my power on a specific date?

The exact timing is subject to your transmission & distribution service provider (TDSP), which controls your meter. Depending on your meter type, you’ll be switched to MP2 anytime between 24 hours before, to 48 hours after the date you requested. Please note that switches transact only on business days. Move-ins and switches can only be requested by the applicant or the applicant’s authorized agent.

I'm not good with computers. Can I still sign up with MP2?

Please contact us at MP2 if you need additional help filling out your retail electricity supply agreement. Check your e-mail after the conversation concludes so we can confirm your address.

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If you're interested in enrolling in the simplest Solar Net Metering program in Texas, please enter your e-mail to the right to be added to the MP2 Energy waitlist.

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MP2 stands firmly upon the reputations of our individual team members, not just for knowing the energy markets, but also for doing the right things and standing by our word.

Our Client Philosophy

Our crew consists of genuine, smart people who fully understand the power markets and know how to make our clients happy, because at the end of the day, great service is as simple as effort.

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