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MP2 - Saving You Money Through Demand Response

When energy demands in your area threaten to overwhelm the grid, your energy provider depends on you and its other customers to ease the strain by reducing your power consumption...and it will compensate you accordingly. By participating in our Demand Response program, you not only help stabilize the grid, you can generate a new revenue stream for your business.

MP2 Energy can help you take advantage of this lucrative opportunity and start saving money on your energy bills today.

Why Use MP2

Why Use MP2?

MP2 is unique in the demand response market. Most providers of demand response programs have no ability to offer retail energy and limited insight into the broader energy environment. Conversely, most retail energy providers don’t offer demand response programs.

We are one of the nation’s largest retail energy providers and demand response providers. Therefore, MP2 leverages our experience delivering retail power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses around the U.S. And with over 900MW under our management on behalf of regional administrative bodies PJM and ERCOT, MP2’s demand response portfolio is one of the largest in the country.

The steps necessary to get started with demand response--equipment installation, data integration, program enrollment, settlements, on-site power generation--are simply what we do at MP2, day in and day out, through our normal course of business. So we can get you set up quickly and easily, and have you ready to take advantage of the next demand response event.


Take part in MP2’s Demand Response program and you will...

  • Lower your energy costs.
  • Enjoy maximum savings by using a trusted retail energy provider.
  • Get customized solutions deployable across all your sites and tailored to your electricity consumption profile.
  • Positively impact your community by reducing the need for more power plants and helping make the grid more reliable.
  • Have the option to reduce loads manually or use an MP2-designed, fully-automated demand response system and even remotely started backup power generation.
  • Earn LEED credits (under v4 standards) to use toward certification of your facility.

Who We Help

No matter your industry, MP2’s Demand Response program can serve as a valuable component of your overall business strategy. We serve a wide range of commercial and industrial enterprises, such as:

Demand Response for Manufacturing


Demand Response for hospitals


Demand Response for Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings

Demand Response for Schools and Universities

Schools and universities

Demand Response for Grocery Stores

Grocery stores

Demand Response for Retail


Demand Response for Data Centers

Data centers

Where Is Demand Response Available?

We are able to offer our Demand Response program anywhere PJM and ERCOT operate; we are a Curtailment Service Provider (CSP) in PJM and a Level IV Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) in ERCOT. That means that you may be able to participate if you live in one of the following states/areas:

  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • District of Columbia
Where Demand Response Available

How Can You Help?

Demand response is all about easing the stress on the grid. You can do this by either lowering your power consumption, or shifting to alternative sources of power for the handful of hours per year the need arises.

So chipping in by turning up thermostats, turning off non-essential lighting, changing settings on industrial freezers, and cycling off water pumps are some ways to help.

How Do You Know a Demand Response Event is Coming?

MP2 will alert you of an upcoming demand response event as soon as we receive notification from either PJM or ERCOT. These notifications range from 30 minutes prior to an event to as much as 120 minutes, as determined by the governing authority. Both organizations allow demand response programs year-round.

Fully Integrated Solutions

MP2’s expertise extends into every aspect of the power market, from asset management to commodity hedging to power plant management. Some of our offerings make perfect complements to your energy management strategy and can be easily integrated for maximum value.

Distributed Generation

Behind-the-meter power generation enables your business to maintain operations with zero adjustments or disruptions during demand response events or a critical event or outage. This could be a traditional power source such as a generator, or a more eco-friendly solution such as a solar-powered battery.

Either way, you still get paid for reducing your electricity drawn from the grid if you’re part of our Demand Response program.

Retail Provider

The best way to streamline your load curtailment plan is to make your demand response provider your retail provider, as well. MP2 is an established retail energy provider, and letting us handle all your power needs makes billing easier for you and gives us more ability to help you react to demand response events.

Shell Energy Inside

MP2 is a subsidiary of Shell Energy North America family and a key part of Shell Energy Inside. This innovative program incorporates demand response with energy efficiency, management, storage, and resiliency. It’s a truly end-to-end solution in which we handle everything from design and installation to maintenance and beyond to help your business meet its sustainability goals and save money on energy costs.

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To hear how you can expand your customer base by becoming a solar, storage, or EV installer for MP2, contact us today.