• Farm-to-Market Solar Energy for residents with LocalSun – sign up for a month-to-month solar rate! Learn More
  • Farm-to-Market Solar Energy for residents with LocalSun – sign up for a month-to-month solar rate! Learn More

Client Philosophy

When you call MP2, your call will be answered by a live person, not routed through a “press 1 for this, press 2 for this…” system. Our customer service group is much more than just that; we handle all aspects of service, meter enrollments, invoicing, accounting, and even marketing and web design. We engage in debates on economics, and we even have a couple scratch golfers. Most importantly, our service group is not outsourced and everyone at MP2 is empowered to make decisions, to fix issues, and to fulfill requests. Our crew consists of real, smart people who know how to make our clients happy, because at the end of the day great Service is as simple as effort.

Our success at achieving our customer service goals is evidenced by the numerous and random letters we have received over the years from clients who described how shocked they were to reach someone at a power company that they could engage with as a fellow human – someone to talk through a question and get something done. We are proud of ranking #1 in the country for the second year in a row in Overall Satisfaction in the annual DNV KEMA survey of aggregators, brokers, and consultants in the power and gas business. It is evidence that our customer service philosophy and efforts are paying off.

At MP2, our entire team sits in one large room. We don’t have offices. We want information flow to be fluid, and we want to engage every person at MP2 in every aspect of the business. We absolutely guarantee that our customer service crew and the whole team at MP2 are more exposed to, and understand the underpinnings of the energy market and what’s happening on a daily basis better than any of our competitors. We insist that the people that you interact with at MP2 be personable, interesting, and knowledgeable. This has been our commitment to our clients since Day One.

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MP2 stands firmly upon the reputations of our individual team members, not just for knowing the energy markets, but also for doing the right things and standing by our word.

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