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Our Distributed Energy Services Focus On:

DGS develops stand-alone generation facilities providing emergency capacity services to the grid.

DGS Prime develops and installs backup power generators behind clients' electric meters.

  • Generates backup power to our Clients facility during grid outages, protecting equipment and product, and maintaining safety.

If your facility could benefit from redundancy, or if your company has considered purchasing backup power but could not justify the cost, then we want to meet with you and discuss options. In many cases, MP2 can provide a backup power solution at little to no cost to our Clients, creating a win-win, plus additional security to our grid during emergencies.

For more information about Distributed Generation and the solutions that we can tailor for your facility, please Contact Us.

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MP2 stands firmly upon the reputations of our individual team members, not just for knowing the energy markets, but also for doing the right things and standing by our word.

Our Client Philosophy

Our crew consists of genuine, smart people who fully understand the power markets and know how to make our clients happy, because at the end of the day, great service is as simple as effort.

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