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Monetize Your Flexibility with Demand Response

There are limited times when the electricity delivery infrastructure has reached its capacity or electricity prices are at its highest. Your ability to reduce your consumption at these critical times is highly valuable – to your community to keep the lights on and to you in the form of a new revenue stream.

Demand Response events truly occur only a few times a year, typically for only an hour or two. By participating in these programs, you become the grid operator’s last line of defense in preventing blackouts in extreme situations, and so your participation not only generates revenue, but also provides a critical service for our power grid. Contact MP2 to find out how much your facility can generate.

We call our approach to Demand Response MPACT Energy Management

Each facility is unique in its energy reduction capabilities. MP2 consults with facility managers to ensure that your customized load reduction strategy meets your needs, protects operations and infrastructure, all while maintaining comfort and safety. MPACT can aggregate multiple sites and equipment to achieve scale and maximize revenues.

Retain control by running MPACT in manual control mode where you or your Team have the ability to control thermostats, lights, or equipment from any internet connected device, or let MP2 help design an automated response procedure for maximum participation and revenues. MPACT can be designed to simply “talk” to your existing building controls system, or can be directly connected to a particular piece of equipment to deliver instructions to turn down, or off, in certain conditions. MPACT can even remotely turn on backup power generators. MPACT automatically notifies personnel, adjusts energy usage, and reports the benefits of participation – allowing you to focus on running your business.

Our MPACT Controller is a proprietary hardware and software solution designed to enable the same real time energy monitoring and demand response capability that large industrial power consumers have been leveraging for years. CONTACT US FOR A CUSTOMIZED REVIEW OF YOUR FACILIITY’S CURTAILMENT CAPABILITY.

Here’s How MPACT Works:

MP2 Energy Demand Response for Data Centers:

MP2 Energy is Your Demand Response Expert

MP2 Energy is a Level IV Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) in ERCOT and a Curtailment Service Provider (CSP) in PJM, providing the full range of Demand Response services in all areas of those markets.

MP2 Energy manages approximately 20% of the demand response in ERCOT through the following programs:

  • Load Resources – LR (formerly known as LaaR)
  • Emergency Response Service – ERS
  • Four Coincident Peak Management – 4CP
  • Centerpoint and Oncor Commercial Load Management programs -- CLM
  • MP2 Energy’s proprietary demand response programs include:
    • Economic price based demand response
    • Call option based Demand Response products
    • Combinations of above strategies during different times of the day and year

MP2 Energy manages the following demand response in PJM:

  • Emergency Load Response (Full and Capacity Only Programs; Limited, Extended Summer, and Annual DR)
  • Emergency Response Service – ERS
  • 5 Coincident Peak Management and alerts – 5CP
  • Ancillary Services
  • Economic CurtailmentCall option based Demand Response products
  • MP2 Energy’s proprietary demand response programs include:
    • Call option based Demand Response products
    • Combinations of above strategies during different times of the day and year

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