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About MP2 Energy

We created MP2 Energy to give customers a distinct advantage. Our people, expertise, structure, and culture provide clients value in all aspects of the power markets: creation to consumption and everything in between. Our team is intentionally built to leverage expertise in all phases and unlock value from which our clients benefit. MP2 carefully and purposefully assembled all the required critical elements and then we added a huge amount of effort to provide our customers with efficient, seamless access to all aspects of the power markets.

The Critical Elements

We have built and bought the state of the art systems necessary to operate our business from production through delivery. We have been doing this business for a very long time, and we understand how each piece of the business relates to the other pieces. Because of the effort we put into the system design, we are able to be extremely efficient. Said differently, it is much more effective to get “it” right on the front-end than it is to hire a bunch of people to constantly chase the problem. We get it right on the front-end. Our systems begin with:

  • Real-time power plant management measuring, monitoring and adjusting our plants every 4 seconds; to
  • Seamlessly executing Demand Response dispatch instructions; to
  • Executing wholesale transactions, retail transactions and managing Risk in real-time; all the way through
  • Delivering best-in-class client service assuring that the electricity we produced and procured met the precise needs of our customers.

Our crew is the best in the business. MP2 stands firmly upon the reputations of our individual team members, not just for knowing the energy markets, but also for doing the right things, treating people right, and standing by our word. We take the long view when it comes to reputation, preferring what some would consider an old-fashioned view of the world shaped by our individual life experiences – where a handshake is as good as a contract and one’s word is your greatest asset. The bios of the Management Team provide only a flavor of the talent at MP2. We are very proud that we serve today many customers that we served when deregulation first began (2002). To us, that means something.

We built MP2 around a common belief in entrepreneurship and the capitalist notion of market-based solutions, and the knowledge that deregulated energy markets put the power of options in our clients’ hands. By building a stronger Team that is well rounded and enabled to work together, we can outcompete, innovate, be creative, think outside the box, and EXECUTE. Doing so creates value for our clients, our trusted partners, and MP2.

Trade Assocations

The Result

The energy markets are very competitive. Our electrons are the same as our competitors. The value that we bring is the “optimally designed solution” to best manage your energy requirement. By blending all aspects of the power markets and delivering the right solution, we create value for our Clients and for ourselves. MP2 continues to succeed based on our hard work. We are proud of our success and enjoy the opportunity to engage with like-minded clients.

The Power Market is Complex. We're good at this stuff.™

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Meet the MP2 Team

MP2 stands firmly upon the reputations of our individual team members, not just for knowing the energy markets, but also for doing the right things and standing by our word.

Our Client Philosophy

Our crew consists of genuine, smart people who fully understand the power markets and know how to make our clients happy, because at the end of the day, great service is as simple as effort.

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